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Rocky Calvert, owner of Silicone Coating Solutions, had 18 years of experience in the construction industry when he first encountered a product that inspired him to change the course of his career. That product was a silicone coating, with a multitude of uses he would soon discover.

“After investigating the product and actually using it a few times on commercial jobs in Florida, we decided that we would like to begin to manufacture it ourselves,” he says. “We brought in some in-state and out-of-state engineers and built our plant from scratch.”

The roofing product, Sil-Roof, is a single-component, solvent-free roof coating system intended for both industrial and commercial waterproofing applications. It features advanced, long-term resistance to humidity, natural weathering, and fluctuating temperatures. The coating protects against the elements without sacrificing its appearance. The durability allows building owners to avoid the expenses of tear-offs, while still achieving the desired waterproofing results.

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 “The product is like a liquid rubber” says Calvert. “You apply it like paint, with a brush or roller. It goes on really thick and when it dries, it is a monolithic, seamless, waterproof, mold and mildew resistant rubber covering that you can apply to walls and roofs. The end product is one single piece with no lines or seams, so it works really well on metal roofs, flat roofs, as well as others and any aged roofs.”  

   The wall product, Sil-Wall, was developed for above-grade waterproofing and air applications. Finished products demonstrate advanced durability, providing long term resistance to extreme temperatures, high humidity and natural weathering. This single component elastomeric coating effectively waterproofs surfaces while still allowing the air flow essential for maintaining ideal moisture levels within a building. 

Another product, Sil-X, is an Anti-Graffiti coating product. “This product is a clear coat, you can paint over it and the paint just wipes off,” Calvert explains. This moisture curing coating serves as a barrier against water and also provides a layer of protection against graffiti. Sil-X applies easily to a wide range of building surfaces and allows for the convenient removal of graffiti whether the product was in place before or after acts of vandalism. The Anti-Graffiti Series Coating isn’t only resistant to acts of vandalism. It repels other accumulated forms of grime, such as dirt and dust, so they can be very easily cleaned off, in some cases by using only a towel. Pressure washing might be necessary for more severe cases.  

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After four years of manufacturing, Calvert has seen a great deal of growth in his local business and believes that education is the key to helping consumers save money with his products. “I wish more people knew about this product because if they did, they wouldn’t be throwing their money away on higher priced jobs” he says. “I feel like people just don’t know, and that they don’t really understand what it is. They look at it and think its paint, but it is really a thick rubber coating. Plus, the product is easy to use and it holds up very well. Over time, the only change you might notice would be a slight fade in color, depending on your environment.

This product allows you to not waste lots of money tearing off your roof and listening to roofers tell you that you need a replacement. This product will slash your prices around 50% compared to other roofing and being monolithic makes it a better, longer lasting product. Quite simply, the product is amazing, it is incredible. If a job is a million dollar job, it could come down to about at minimum half of that cost using this product.”

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