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There is a widespread appeal to living in a village town. The closeness and community, which so many people seek as they grow tired of big-city living, provide a reprieve not just reserved for short-term vacation getaways anymore. The desire to simplify has left many home buyers considering a step into the quiet life of off-the-beaten-path living. 

The incredibly cozy town of Mentone, Alabama is home to just over 300 residents, two of those being Gerry Johnson and Burton Brockmann, who love all that Mentone has to offer. “The town is spacious and you get to know all the people that actively want Mentone to be a successful place,” said Johnson. 

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Three years ago, Johnson visited Mentone with a very specific goal- to find a home in the town she so dearly loved. But as her trip came to an end without having found her dream home, she was left with no hope of completing the job during her visit. On her way out of town, she came across a bare-bone structure in the early phases of being built. She immediately called the builder. After some back and forth, they came to an agreement, he would complete the home with her input to create a homeplace that matched the allure of the town it resided in.  

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Johnson knew what they wanted; a three-bedroom, three-bathroom home with a big tub and a fireplace. Her vision included a giant screened-in porch and a beautifully landscaped yard. And with the help of the builder, she was able to accomplish all that she envisioned and more. The home boasts lots of old, reclaimed wood and hand-built doors that lend to its unique beauty.  

When you enter the home, it is clear to see that Johnson and Brockmann had no lack of creativity when designing the space. The upstairs loft area offers an unobstructed view of the downstairs living area and displays perfectly the height and space the home offers. Lots of natural light gives vivacity and promotes all the beautiful wood and color used throughout the house.

Tall windows and doors give a grand feel while modern fixtures are strategically used to highlight areas of the home and all without taking from the traditional and comforting feel that is offered. Open shelving in the kitchen displays industrial fixtures, which contribute to the already open and airy space using modern touches. A gorgeous wood island offers additional counter space and provides a bar area for seating. And the timeless appeal of the large stone fireplace projects a warm and cozy seating area.  

One part of the design that Johnson most loved is a butterfly garden placed just off of the oversized porch. Perhaps her most favored part of the build, she quickly got wrapped up in bringing this part of her vision to life. “I loved buying the plants, and it really became somewhat of an addiction,” said Johnson. Another part of the outdoor design was an area for her beloved dog, Piccolo, to play. Both of these areas have become high-traffic areas that provide a peace that only nature can provide. 

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When asked what she loved most about her town, Johnson proudly spoke of St. Joseph’s on-the-Mountain Episcopal Church and its dedication to the community. “A must-see is their Sacred Garden,” said Johnson. “It is a glory in the spring but simply beautiful in all seasons.”  

If you have ever considered tranquil, small-town living, you are in luck. This stunning home, in this incredible town, is awaiting its next proud owner with many adventures in store.

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