Super-Charged Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived and while we are still dealing with a cold snap here and there, warmer weather will be here to stay soon. So, while you are packing up those space heaters and electric blankets, it’s also a great time to get rid of older appliances and electronics that no longer work properly. Try a little spring cleaning for the sake of electrical safety.  

While you’re busy scrubbing baseboards and cleaning out closets, take the time to check for damaged wiring, moisture or overloaded outlets that can be hazardous in so many ways.  

Let’s concentrate on one easy thing you can do to avoid disaster…inspect your cords. While you’re moving things around the house, take a close look at all the cords in the house. Computers, lamps, televisions and extension cords are just a few good examples.  

Look for frays, tears, water or moisture damage, areas that may have been chewed by household pets or pests or any other damage that could compromise item its powering. Any of these signs could cause shocks, sparks or fires.  

Happy cleaning and remember to call Matthews Lighting and Electric for all your lighting and electrical needs!  

If you need to recycle your old appliances and electronics, visit this link to get more information.