Extension Cord Safety

Each month we try to deliver a little electrical safety tidbit to help avoid any shocking disasters in and around your home and this month we want to focus on extension cords.  

We all find ourselves in situations where we need them, but many make the mistake of using them as long-term extensions of the household electrical system. This kind of continuous use can result in an electrical shock or fire hazard as the cords deteriorate over time, so it is extremely important to avoid long-term use.  

Another common mistake is plugging two extension cords together. This practice can overload the circuits, cause short circuits and potentially damage the cords, which can lead to fire or electric shocks.  

Checking your extension cord or power strip to make sure it is properly rated for the devices it is powering and regularly inspecting them for fraying or other damage can prevent these hazards as well.  

If you find an area in your home where you need a power source, the safest bet is installing additional outlets. The team at Matthews Lighting and Electric are here to help with that and any other electrical needs. So be safe and give us a call.