Did you know that over 10,000 baby boomers are reaching retirement age every day?

According to the AARP, over 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every single day as well, and this is expected to continue into the 2030’s. This means that nearly seven baby boomers are turning 65 every single minute.

As one grows older and gets closer to this golden-age of retirement, the thought of no longer having to worry about menial tasks like cooking, chores and other household duties becomes more and more attractive. Being able to downsize and relocate to retirement communities is the new, sensational style of independent living.

Independent living communities are available to provide support for older adults who are still in great health, as most independent residents require little to no assistance in their daily activities.

Where independent living may seem, at first, intimidating to one’s new-found freedom, Renaissance Marquis serves as an inviting apartment-style independent living development where senior residents can joyfully pursue their personal interests, since they no longer worry about the daunting responsibilities of home ownership.

“What we are doing here at Renaissance Marquis is giving our residents a chance to maintain as much independence as they can while enjoying the benefits of retirement,” explains Ben Baker, Marketing Director at Renaissance Marquis.

In fact, Renaissance Marquis features a variety of services that are designed specifically to make your loved one’s lives easier. These services include housekeeping, laundry services, personalized meal plans three times a day, transportation services as well as access to fitness facilities and life enrichment classes.

It seems that all that’s left to do is join in the many fun activities offered to residents.
Some of the fun activities offered at Renaissance Marquis are, for example, visiting the coffee shop and ice cream parlor, playing board games and participating in pool tournaments, going on shopping trips, joining in with the singing group – the Marquis Melodies, taking advantage of the season tickets to the Rome Little Theater and even going out on the town for dinner during one of the monthly events.

Independent living at Renaissance Marquis offers a variety of opportunities for socializing that are often a primary reason that older adults make this type of move.

Not only is the temptation of a stress-free environment one of the many reasons baby boomers are moving towards independent living communities, but also the reassuring thought of having access to help and support and knowing that if one is faced with an emergency, they are taken care of.

Because Renaissance Marquis conveniently shares a campus with an assisted living community, ensuring a higher level of care is always available, should it be needed. Along with our assisted living community, Renaissance Marquis also offers a secured memory care unit, host a medical director on staff, as well as on-site nurses.

Residents can choose from a variety of attractive floor plans and styles, from a one- and two-bedroom apartment to a penthouse suite which is perfect for a retired couple who is looking for the added benefits of independent living.

“We really try to differentiate ourselves from nursing homes, because we aren’t that. We are simply an independent living community that truly stresses the term independent,” says Baker.

So, are you ready to give up yard work and start enjoying life?

The team at Renaissance Marquis is available to assist you whenever we can. Call us at (706) 295-0014 or visit our website (http://www.renaissancemarquis.com) for more information.