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Photos Andy Calvert

Juliana Duarte

Cosmetologist Juliana Duarte opened Bellus Wax Studio in January of 2018 because she wanted to bring her passion to Rome. The studio offers Brazilian waxing, as well as teeth whitening and eyebrow and eyelash services. After spending the past two years renting a small suite in west Rome, Duarte moved her business to a larger location downtown, where she opened for business in early November. With her new space at 306 East 2nd Avenue, Duarte is looking forward to further expanding her business.

“Hopefully next year I can add more services like body treatments,” Duarte says. “I want to make Bellus like a day spa.”

 When Duarte knew that she wanted to pursue a career in cosmetology, she wasn’t sure which field would be best for her. “I started doing hair, but it was not my passion, so I started looking into more different fields of cosmetology until I found waxing,” she says. “I got interested, I tried it and I liked it. It’s something that I never thought that I was going to do… it’s something different and interesting.”

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Owner Juliana Duarte

She started waxing six years ago in Canton but wanted to start a studio in Rome to be closer to home. She didn’t have any background in business and wasn’t sure where to begin, but hard work, research and word-of-mouth advertising helped her turn Bellus into the successful business that it is today.

“Anything can come true,” she says. “It doesn’t really matter where you’re at in life, if you want it, you can make it become true. You just need to envision yourself where you want to be.”

The Business

Duarte says that the quality products and comfortable environment at Bellus keep her clients coming back. “It’s a nice, cool environment here that we give to the clients,” she explains.

When people come in worried that waxing will hurt, she tries her best to put them at ease. “We treat the clients as friends,” she says. “We laugh, we joke around… I think that’s why people choose Bellus and they stay with us… we’re just family and I think we make people really comfortable.”

To learn more about Bellus’ treatment options, visit or Bellus Wax Studio on Facebook.

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