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Experienced. Professional. Detailed. Personal.


The Season Events takes wedding planning to a new level by combining decades of experience with Southern hospitality, humor, and charm.


It all started in 2007, after Owner and Wedding Planner, Holly Lynch, saw a need for professional event planning in the Rome, Georgia area. “There was a need for professional level of event planning, and since I come from a background in marketing, with experience in corporate event planning, I knew I could help fill that gap,” explains Lynch.

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Now, as a certified wedding planner, The Season Events plans around 40 weddings a year, caters an additional 30-ish weddings, and still has the time to cater and help plan another 100 plus events each year.  In just 16 years, Lynch and her team have helped orchestrate over 500 weddings.

Thankfully, Lynch doesn’t have to do all this alone. She has amassed a strong and willing team over the past years, with 15 permanent employees and another 50 contracted employees, all proud to help make each event both professional and personal, as only The Season Events can do.  

Holly Lynch

“Every family that comes to us for their wedding is special to us. We become very protective of them, their plans, and strive to make all their expectations become reality,” Lynch says.

Lynch often speaks with the “we” pronoun, because she credits her amazing team with growing and challenging the business to always improving. One such key member is wedding planner and Vice President, Nicole Williams.

After working as a teacher for 17 years, while working part-time at The Season Events on the side, she joined the team full-time six years ago. “She’s changed everything about the way we’ve grown in these past few years,” says Lynch. “She is truly made for this job, and her clients love her!”

“Clients become family” she continues. “As wedding planners, we’ve learned that families are letting us into their lives on one of the most important occasions. Many times, this means a client will share personal details…we become their confidant.”

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Williams adds “One of my favorite moments was having a bride’s mother reach out to me one year after her daughter’s wedding and tell me how she still felt like the whole weekend was a dream. She was so happy and so relaxed during the wedding that her memories of the day continue to give her such joy! That’s why I love what I do!”

Whether working with Williams or Lynch, clients can expect nothing short of the best wedding planning services available. Whether they are hired for full wedding planning or an all-inclusive package, The Season Events is prepared to help fulfill their clients’ dreams. The team is equipped to manage everything from catering the event, to getting the bride down the aisle, to planning the honeymoon.

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