A good jam changes shapes, crisscrosses genres and evolves over time, expanding the musical boundaries of its listeners.

So why shouldn’t a sandwich?

For 10 years now, Jamwich has done just that. With August of 2023 marking a decade of eating weird for the Jamwich faithful, business’s evolution has seen it go from brick and mortar to a traveling circus of flavor in the form of The Jamwich Food Truck.

Owner: Shadae Yancey

This new mobile version of the distinctive sandwich shop can be found all over Rome,  Northwest Georgia and Metro Atlanta, either popping up at regular locations like Cosmic Dog, River Remedy, Wild Leap Brewery and Trucks & Tap, or working corporate/private events throughout the region.

It may be on wheels, but the same delicious options are there for regulars and newcomers alike. Owner/Operator Shadae Yancey is grateful to continue serving her patrons and looks forward to bringing her jam sessions to new and unique places as she puts one decade in the review and turns her attention to the next. 

Orange Turkey with Pasta Salad

“Traveling with my brand has brought more joy than I could have ever imagined, says Yancey”. “I am grateful for the  trials and tribulations that brought me here.  Spreading jam and sharing smiles makes me happy. The first 10 years were formative, the next ten will be summative. Customers old and new can expect the same quality, consistency, and creativity that we’re known for. We want you to be happy, too! “

As Jamwich embarks on decade number two. The return of classic menu items like The Menlo Special, Jam Bars and other favorites will also be accompanied by new releases like custom teas and exciting new sandwiches. 

Shadae Yancey

You can find out when Jamwich is making a stop near you by following The Jamwich Foodtruck on Facebook and Instagram.




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