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Weddings, and all of the events leading up to the walk down the aisle, are filled with opportunities to capture the memories shared when two families join to celebrate the union of a couple in love. So, it helps to be prepared to document these times by enlisting the help of a professional trained to frame your memories in picture-perfect fashion. 

Andrea Kelley, owner of Andrea Kelley Photography, says that taking the best photos possible is her goal when couples book her for a wedding or special event. However, the bonus for her is relationships that last long after the limo has left with a happy couple headed for honeymoon bliss. 

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Why Choose a Professional Photographer 

I have been a professional photographer since 2017,” Kelley says when speaking about her love of photography. “I target Northwest Georgia, Atlanta, and western Alabama when booking clients.  I try to emphasize to my client that I want to offer an experience from the beginning until the end of their event. It is very important for the couple to get to know me. Trusting the person who is shooting your wedding is honestly the most important part of the process for me.” 

Kelley says that the reliability of a professional who is seasoned and has been in many different situations that arise during a wedding makes your special day worry-free. Wedding days can get hectic. Having someone behind the camera who can deal with schedules and can accommodate requests is imperative when documenting a day couples will remember for a lifetime. 

“I work to keep a level head so that the bride and groom can be calm,” she explains. “They need to focus on each other. I want them to rely on me during times that can be a bit chaotic.” 

With professional gear and a process to store photos forever, families can be comfortable knowing they are in good hands when a photographer approaches each job with a solid level of expertise. 

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Andrea Kelley

How To Book a Consultation 

“Most of my couples have found me through previous clients or by Instagram. Instagram has become my biggest marketing tool,” Kelley says when explaining the booking process. “When there is an inquiry, usually submitted via my website, the couple will receive an online brochure that outlines my general process. They will find pricing information there and I usually ask for a phone call. One of the most important parts of the consultation for me is forming a relationship with my couples.” 

When the bride and groom are comfortable and feel that Kelley will be a good fit for their wedding, she can also meet in person if it is requested or connect using an online conferencing service like Zoom. 

Kelley recommends booking at least a year in advance so that she can work to iron out important details and make the photography experience seamless. 

Andrea Kelley’s Personal Photography Touches 

When the booking process is complete, her clients receive a magazine in the mail that Kelley says will explain her process further. As a bonus, this magazine outlines an engagement session that is included when booking a wedding with Andrea Kelley Photography. From the first look to other options a couple can explore, Kelley gives the Mr. and Mrs. a roadmap she uses to make their day one to remember with photographs. 

“This is great for brides who may not know where to start and are super new to the wedding process,” Kelley says. “Or, they may be nervous about their big day, so I work to calm their nerves by letting them know exactly what my role will be in capturing their wedding.” 

After they say “I do” a couple is likely off to a tropical destination to rest and enjoy being married. Kelley says that she delivers a teaser before processing all of the photos from the day so that they can share the pictures with family and friends. 

“I remember how much I was looking forward to seeing my wedding photos, so I try to get them one or two photos the day of or one day after their wedding. I also get them around 100 photos in about two weeks and the full gallery will be delivered through a private online service. I do not restrict how or who they can share these photos with,” explains Kelley. 

Additional services include the option for buying prints or having a personalized album designed by Kelley created with direction from the bride and groom. Again, the personal touch is why Kelley has been successful in booking clients who also come back in all seasons of life. 



Segrest also describes the touching solidarity of the city. “At 7 pm everyone leans out of their windows and cheers, banging pots and pans. They are cheering for the healthcare workers. They are cheering for each other. Then an hour later the city stops. There is a silence for all those we lost.” 

With so much still uncertain in both New York City and Rome Georgia one thing is for certain- Rebecca Segrest is undoubtedly a hero. 

To be continued…..

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