Space Heater Safety

Austin Matthews

While the groundhog predicted an early spring, we are still in for a good bit of cold weather over the coming weeks and that means space heaters are in use. 

At Matthews Lighting and Electric, we want you to stay warm but want you to be safe while doing so. 

One easy mistake that can lead to a house fire is plugging your space heater into a surge protector or extension cord.

While it may be the easiest way to get the heater in the optimal space to warm your toes, these power strips and extension cords don’t have a high enough current flow to support the electrical needs of your heater. That causes the cords to overheat and could possibly lead to a fire. 

Therefore, you should always plug your space heater into an electrical outlet in the wall.  

Stay safe this winter and call Matthews Electric for all your lighting and electrical needs!